L'Amore Zucca - I want it but ....

  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/NWT-LeSportsac-TOKIDOKI-LAMORE-ZUCCA-Bag-9525-QEE-NEW_W0QQitemZ190120650629QQihZ009QQcategoryZ63852QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    This bag is Drop Dead GORGEOUS! But why should I shell out THAT much for it? A few days ago, it was going for like $200 bucks w/o S/H and I was thinking that I should probably get it. And now the price has JUMPED, Skippydy Dippity!

    I didn't see any L'AMore Zucca in any B&M store. What other choices do I have? Any ideas anyone?
  2. Cozy-little-shop is always a little overpriced. They have great placement though. My thinking is that it will be on eBay for a while, so you can always wait and look around first. You can maybe call Nordstroms and have them locate one for you? I think someone posted an SKU number for it somewhere in this forum.
  3. doesn't macys have em? i know i saw amore zuccas in macys before...dunno if they're available now
  4. Yeah, I was in the market for this exact same purse, but thought the price was way out of my league. I don't really have that much experience with Toki sellers on eBay, but I know I've seen a few auctions from cozy little shop for that same bag. It seems to me that they use the exact same picture for each l'amore zucca auction, so knowing this, I would wonder about what kind of placement you'd end up getting.

    I too don't understand what the reason is for the all the varying in prices going on here. I hate inflation! If you really want it though, go for it! Zuccas are cute, cute, cute! Some day I hope to own one! :biggrin: I would maybe ask for additional pictures of the exact bag you'd be getting though before buying it.
  5. I've bought something from cozy little shop... yes... hugely overpriced, but I had to have the placement and they had great service, fast shipping, and the same item pictured... Of course I don't think it was worth -that- much of a markup, but if that's the price I was willing to pay I guess I shouldn't complain...
  6. Yup I bought from cozy little shop. Really fast shipping, good email communication and they package my bella REALLY well. I was impressed. But yah .. kinda high prices but I loved the bella so I bought it :biggrin:

    It depends how badly you want the zucca ... maybe if no one ends up bidding it will be relisted later on at a lower price?
  7. Cozy Little Shop shows pictures of the exact bag being sold. The reason you keep seeing the same picture is because it's not selling so they keep relisting it.

    Their bags are overpriced but placement is usually excellent and eventually someone buys their stuff when the right bag and the right buyer find each other.

    I'm just kicking myself for not getting the Lamore Zucca that was listed BIN for $205 all week. I keep telling myself that I'll find one for less than retail but they seem to be getting more and more scarce. It's stills so easy to find Pirata Zuccas... and that print is older. I wonder if it's because Lamore is more popular of if they made fewer Zuccas in that print?

    (I don't NEED a Lamore Zucca, but I sure do want one!)
  8. theres like...3 or 4 lamore zuccas @ the macys in Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton, CA....give them a call?
  9. Thank for the info. I'm gonna give them a call! :yahoo:
  10. Their prices may be higher, but I've had the same experience as others here... the service is great, quick shipping, nicely package, friendly communication... and most importantly, bags exactly as described and pictured.