L'amore style choose - ciao ciao or bambinone

  1. I have hard time to make my mind to decide keeping which one for L'amore on ciao ciao or banbinone.

    For my concern is to L'amore print on ciao ciao, it seems shows twice the swatch. I like the prints, but it doesn't need to show twice on the whole prints, you know what I mean, right? But the good things is the characters is kinda small, it won't have the upside down on that.

    The bambinone is a small purse for me, but it's very cute. I am 5'6, when I tried it on, the SA asked me. It's for gift, right? I can feel she doesn't think it's good on in 30 something woman. :shame::shame: I know I am too old for the cute stuff.

    Can someone point me out?:rolleyes:
  2. No one knows? PLEASE!:heart::heart:
  3. Pinkpeony is the l'amore expert!! :tup: I just got a dolce and ciao ciao off eBay. Can't wait til it arrives! I dont mind the double placement at all.
  4. no one is ever too old for the cute stuff :smile: i adore the bambinone & this was the first style i saw this print in (i think). i agree with you, prints like l'amore look better on smaller styles like the ciao or bambino. i myself am after a bella with my ideal placement of my favorite couple. i definitely say you should go with the bambinone.
  5. Yep, kkiimm is right. It does look good on smaller bags too. So if you're concerned by the swatch, go with the bambinone. Age is not a factor! :yahoo:
  6. Age is definitely NOT a factor! I'm 42 and proudly wear my toki's including my L'amore ciao ciao. I get complements from all ages. People just love them and I never feel silly wearing a cute bag. It's all about your attitude wearing them, which I believe just gets better with age. ;)
  7. Thanks for your comments. I am more confident now. YES. I shouldn't consider the age is the barrier for any cute stuffs.

    I will just keep both of them(Ciao ciao and bambinone) since I think L'amore is my favorite print so far. :wlae:
  8. Good Choice
  9. Hiya! You can't have too many L'Amore bags can you? :p I love my Ciao Ciao and use it a lot. It is so striking that you can see a girl with a L'Amore Ciao Ciao miles away... :wlae: Personally, I don't really fancy the bambinone and started a thread not to long ago about my gripe with this one style. But, many girls tend to favor it so I guess to each her own. And yeah. if you can get the L'Amore Zucca for a decent price, go for it. I've had the most compliments wearing the L'Amore Zucca.

  10. Hi, pinkpeony

    You finally show up. I got you. I will definitely get the L'amore Zucca later.

    Thanks for your advice.:heart::heart::heart:
  11. I think the Bambinone is a more practical small purse, and especially for a smaller print like L'amore.