L'amore question

  1. I'm trying to get my hand on a L'amore (would like one of the smaller handbags - dolce or bambonine). Does anyone know a Macy's or Nordstrom's that have any left. Need to see if they do phone orders too.
  2. I used the SKU/UPC # to locate a store w/ it "in stock" but I had to call a few places before someone actually found it (still haven't found spiaggia in stores yet tho). If you're willing to do that work and no one can help you find one here's the SKU #s for the L'amore Dolce and Bambinone :biggrin: happy hunting!

    L'amore Bambinone: 8 43333 02040 2
    L'Amore Dolce: 8 43333 02000 6
  3. Most Macy's and Nordstrom I think will do phone orders.
  4. If they do phon orders, then I can give you the numbers of some of the Macy's here in San Diego. Three of them are stocked with L'Amore.
  5. I saw three bambonine's at macy's on pleasenton today