1. hello ladies! I wanted your opinion. A while back, I purchased a spiaggia buon viaggio (which i love!), a l'amore gioco, and a pirata gioco. I haven't used the giocos yet, they are still in the plastic wrap. only time I took them out was to scotchguard them. but now i'm running out of room (AND MONEY) and wondering if I wanted to sell the giocos, if anyone would actually buy them. I've tried looking them up on eBay but didn't find any so I don't even know if they are still popular. Please give me your input. Thanks!
  2. i think you'll be able to sell your gioco l'amore w/o a problem.
  3. ^^I agree with cleofe about your l'amore gioco.

    Before the foresta re-release flood currenlty on eBay, there were lots of pirata items and with the exception of the ones with exceptionally high BINs, I believe they were going for slightly below retail.
  4. thanks for the input! i guess i will try to find a way to sell them =)
  5. hi did you still want to sell the lamore?
  6. sell the pirata gioco last, since prices might skyrocket later when the bags become obsolete, and both pirata print and gioco style are favorites all over the world. that one might fetch the most money if you time it right.