L'amore: mamma mia, bambinone, ciao, stellina?

  1. Hi girls, wich one would you pick in the L'amore print : Mamma mia? Bambinone? Ciao? Stellina?
  2. all of them :graucho:
  3. that would be great:p. But I can only get one:tdown:
  4. Mamma mia!
  5. Mamma mia here too!! :tup:
  6. ciao!
  7. mamma mia!
  8. stellina or ciao! i don't like the black mesh w/ the light colors...
  9. eek...too bad I like all the styles you listed :lol:...hmm what style dont you have yet??
  10. Mamma mia or Ciao! :smile:

    Although I've been wearing my new ciao lately since it's nice to be hands free.
  11. I say MM!! :tup: My Inferno one is staring at me right now, hanging on the doorknob.
  12. i am partial to the bambinone and stellina...luv my bambinone!!! and want something in a stellina!....or which ever one you need? (me, being eternally practical) or which ever one you think you will use the most? or maybe the mamma mia? (oh man, i am not helping!!!!) :p
  13. stellina :biggrin:
  14. Here is my 2 cents - go for the Ciao - it is a wonderfully versatile bag and there is a nice surface to see the print.
  15. Mamma Mia!!!