l'amore lunas @ woodbury.

  1. apparently they HAD l'amore at woodbury, but the only bag they have now are lunas for $157. meh, i want a bambinone.
  2. wow i bet thats were those evilbay sellers are getting it from :lol:
  3. i know! i read about this on lj and emailed them asking what they had in stock. nothing, but lunas. does this mean the outlets will get l'amore? hmmmmmm.
  4. idk?? i hope it does so i can get something! :lol:
  5. yesssss, my l'amore collection is missing a bambinone. and i want a gioco with better placement. the one i have has lots of lattes, but i need another with sandy!
  6. efhsoiethoiehtiuewh?!?!?! WHAT!?!??! OMG i cant believe they had amore all this time and no one knew! grrr! those sneaky sneaks! trust me, if I had known, i wouldve flown up I-87 as fast as you can say tokidoki! :p
  7. i wish i would have known. meeeeeeh.
  8. I was at woodbury on saturday and they had a l'amore braccialetto, luna and buon viaggio..someone was buying the Bv while i was there. I called the seattle outlet last night and they said they wouldnt be getting the l'amore because it was exclusive to department stores...so who knows
  9. i emailed southampton & they said the same thing as seattle :[

    i wish i snagged that BV~
  10. where's kokebon? wasn't she looking for one?
  11. yeah weird i called the other 2 outlets and they said the same thing....they even wondered how did woodbury get lamores! :lol:
  12. ugh i was gonna get up sunday and go to woodbury too but i got lazy lol... plus i leave tomorrow for japan, i probably shouldnt spend any more money.
  13. I went Saturday and they only got 2 bags in the print, and not many. No small bags and only the buon viaggio in terms of handbags.

    Oh ya and the bracelet, forgot about that pixie!
  14. wha style did you get??
  15. Macy's in Scottsdale and Chandler, Arizona both have Lamore, Pirata, Adios Star, Notte, and Fumo...if my memory serves me (and be warned - it usually doesn't!) Scottsdale has a Campeggio, a Stellina, and a Buon Viaggio in Lamore and almost everything in Pirata...and I was just at Chandler yesterday and I'm pretty sure they have a bunch of Lamore...I know there are several Bellas, a bunch of Giocos, tons of Ciao Ciaos and Buon Viaggios, Cangurinos, a Dolce, and one Notte Scuola, and I think a Luna in a combination of Lamore and Pirata.

    I would have paid more attention, but I'm still scouring for that long lost Inferno that I just KNOW is waiting somewhere for me to find it!