L'amore Gioco vs. Stellina

  1. Hi everyone, I need some help with my purchases- got a gioco and a stellina in the l'amore print and i dont know which one i want to keep! I'm really not a big bag person so i thought the stellina would be perfect but im not crazy about the pattern placement and the gioco is just amazingly beautiful as some of you know :smile: . Now for the real dilemma - I paid retail for the gioco, but about $30 off retail for the stellina (which i thought might justify me buying a denaro) Let me know what you guys think..
  2. Do you carry a lot of stuff normally? If so I would say keep the gioco. I have a stellina and a gioco and I can definitely fit more into the gioco. Plus it's got a really cute shape. I used to hate it cuz it was hard to get in and out of but I'm starting to use it more now and I'm getting the hang of it. I love it now. Plus if you're not crazy about the print placement on the stellina ... u shouldn't keep the bag you don't love IMO :smile:
  3. The gioco is definitely a "prettier" bag. I love the way mine looks (Amore) and other than the "lining issues" that I have with it I really like it a lot. My Pirata Stellina has also grown on me. I bought it on a whim and after I got it home I was not sure I likee\d it at all. But I find myself using it more and more. Not sure I'd get another Stellina though... I still like my Zuccas best and they are all I plan to boy in the future. (And the occasional DOlce!)
  4. which bag would make u happier if u decide to keep it? go with that...=)
  5. I say go for the Gioco, even though you paid more lol. Idk, it could just be that I am not a fan of the Stellina. It's cute, but eh too much for me. Plus you said the pattern placement on the stellina was ugly and the gioco's was nice...Gioco. Gioco. Gioco. LOL.
  6. humm I say choose which one you're more happy with...

    do you want the gioco and do you think you'd kick yourself if you returned it?


    do you want to save a little money and keep the stellina which you're fine with plus find a denaro?

    personally I'm the swapping type that won't use a bag in case I find my perfect print placement and either return the original one, swap it, or sell it :shrugs: but yeah people in this forum tend to value placement more so than price :biggrin: but both = great deal :yes: but you have to weigh which one you value more ;) IMO of course
  7. The Gioco is difficult to use but I like the way it looks more than the Stellina. I'm not a fan of the pockets on the Stellina.
    Keep the one that amazingly beautiful! :yes:
  8. i had the (almost) same dilemma! i literally stood in front of the shelf for 15 minutes debating 3 different amore giocos & 3 different amore stellinas, and wound up buying neither of them because i was getting so discouraged!
  9. I prefer the stellina and the outside pockets ... being a mommy sometimes I need access to things quick and having outside pockets helps than struggling with a zipper with one hand.
  10. I think the gioco will looks prettier in the amore print
  11. Thanks for everyones input - I think my denaro will have to wait cause im gonna go with the gioco. I think it will take some getting used to but it makes me happy. Now i just have to find more stuff to carry around
  12. I love my gioco more and the prints look better. The stellina gets a bit too small for me sometimes