Lamore Denaro

  1. Have you guys seen it anywhere? pls let me know!! thanks!!
  2. i got one from another tpfer.. i have seen it on eBay, i think macy's and Nordstrom had them at one time, but not anymore.
  3. yeah, eBay, or maybe someone on lj if you're lucky, but that seems to be about it.
  4. someone cleaned out our Nordstroms so there's no denaros, braccialettos, etc left :shocked: it's kind of weird
  5. wow!! its so hard to find lamore print denaro and luna. gosh... i guess i will just keep hunting..
  6. i live in canada and i've seen some but they're $90 before 13 percent provincial tax. making it $101.70 in total, i can phone the store to confirm tomorrow if you're interested.