L'amore Denaro in San Diego?

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  1. My sweet husband got me the zucca for our 9th anniversary and I can't seem to find a wallet anywhere.. anyone spot them here in San Diego? Thanks so much! or even online?
  2. Unfortunately I don't go to malls in SD often since I'm only down there every once in a while because of school but I can tell you that we have a few in orange county if you're willing to head up here but I'm sure if there's some in SD other members can probably tell you
  3. I would love to know where in OC, maybe they can ship it? This is my first bag and I am so excited. Can I also ask the retail on the wallet? Thanks so much!
  4. nordstrom.com or macys usually have the denaros...
  5. I haven't seen any denaros in any of our macys or bloomys for a while. SD nordy's do not carry tokis at all.

    Someone in LJ is selling their L'Amore Wallet.. i almost bought it, but i couldn't anymore. there might be two more people in line for it.

    i tried to PM you but your not set up...
  6. The Irvine Spectrum and South Coast Plaza both had l'amore denaros in the Nordstroms. I think retail is $68 also :smile:
  7. there is one on ebay right now, with 88 bin or best offer!
  8. this is so cute. i tried to join, but was decline, that wallet is so cute. is it still up for sale?
  9. I just nabbed one for 80 BIN, and it turned out a fellow tPFer was selling it!
  10. there WAS one (a return) at nordy's utc. that was 3-4 days ago.