Lamore Ciao On Sale???

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  1. Anyone seen it on sale anywhere? TIA
  2. I've never seen a ciao in a store :sad: ... only ciao ciaos. sorry!!
  3. Yeah, even @ Macy's Herald Sq., I saw only 1 Ciao Ciao.
  4. My bloomies had one, 20% off all lesportsac is still going on as of yesterday. Dunno if it was still there or not, I saw it last week.
  5. aww too bad the only bloomies semi-close to me that has toki is in SD :sad: that's a good 1 1/2 hrs away... my Nordstroms used to have the ciao but I don't know as of late... I haven't really checked
  6. The Tyson's Corner Bloomingdales in VA had amore and I think a ciao. But unfortunately the LeSportsac sale here excluded Tokidoki.
  7. the only place i seen them were at bloomy's too. You can call a bloomy's and have them check their computers. I think they can search to see what stores has them in stock. Then you can call that store to see if it's there..then charge send!
    I know nordy's and macy's can check their inventory...
    just give them that pcu number.. there's a post on here somewhere on that.. =)
  8. Thanks..I will check at Bloomies. Anyone know how much the shipping is for charge-sends?