L'amore Caramella

  1. I won a bid on eBay for a L'amore Caramella this morning! It made my day! I hope to have it by the end of the week. Will post pics when I do. Got it for a great price which is even better! This will satisfy my L'amore craving!
  2. Congrats!!! :tup: Just curious, how much was it?
  3. congrats!! It's super cute! I'm jealous!! It's been 4 days since my last toki purchase!!!
  4. COngrat! i kept losing auctions with my perfect (or as close as possible) placement. So, i broke down and had my bro get me one from the ala moana store in hawaii. it was hawaii retail but i was okay with that as it had my perfect placement.

  5. ooh i think i saw that one, good deal!!

    i'm happy 'cause i won one for a l'amore zucca for under $200 :biggrin:
  6. With shipping and insurance it was 75.30.
  7. I won a Lamore Caramella this weekend too! I was bidding on the Paradiso one with Suchi Boy, but it went sky high. For some reason I think the other person bidding on the Lamore I won was taking a nap when the auction ended. :tup:

    I'm thinking I might end up trading it though, as I'm not a fan of pink, and I'm still yearning for a Caramella in Citta or Olive Camo.

  8. sisterblue, that was a cute lamore carmella too!! congrats!
  9. Beautiful and don't tell anyone but I have accumulated way more L'Amore Caramella than I should - and all of them are so different - I don't think I can stand seeing another L'Amore Caramella and not buy it.
  10. how many do you have?
  11. So you are yo.shi?
  12. i'm jealous, congrats.