L'Amore Campeggio or Gioco? I'm so torn!

  1. I had an offer on LJ to trade my L'Amore Campeggio for a L'Amore Gioco and I am really having trouble deciding. Here are my deciding factors:
    - I have 7 Campeggios (and I plan on getting a Vacanze Campeggio too) that I use primarily as diaper bags.
    - I have a baby boy, so I am wondering if L'Amore is too feminine for his diaper bag.
    - I love the Gioco style and that would give me another Toki that I actually use as my purse (I have another Gioco and 2 Ciaos also).
    - I LOVE the placement on my Campeggio because it has lots of Bastardino and Polpettina and the Gioco's placement is good, but not great for me because Bastardino and Polpettina are right behind where the Qee hangs

    So, what should I do? I asked my husband and let's just say that he was no help at all. :roflmfao:
  2. Well, you have a lot of Campeggios, so I think variety is good.. and you wear the purse, not your baby, so I don't think it's too feminine. :p
    Also, my L'amore Campeggio has spots from my jeans (but I only wear dark wash..I hate light colored denim) after using it only once. So..that might be a factor (unless this doesn't happen to you). And you could always move the qee to make Bastardino&Polpettina more visible.
    In short, I vote Gioco. :shrugs:
  3. I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help. I don't care for the Gioco so I would tell you to go with the Campeggio.
  4. I think Campeggio is better.. It's harder to come by than the L'Amore Gioco. Unless you like the style of the Gioco..
  5. well since you have a baby boy (l'amore a little girly) and 7 campeggio's i would go for the gioco! I love t hat bag style. Polpettina and bastardino are my favs too BUT everything is SO cute (especially the sushi!) on the l'amore and you could also remove the qee if the qee hides them
  6. Since you already have 7 campeggios for the diaper bags, I think that's enough for your baby. If I were you, I will definitely go for L'Amore gioco for myself.:tup:
  7. I am no help since I HATE Gioco and :heart: my L'Amore Campeggio...lol... But I think on eBay L'amore Campeggio sells for a lot more then Gioco.. but I am not sure..
  8. I think you should consider the gioco if you wanted more purses, also another thing you might want to think about is what happens after you baby boy grows up and doesn't really need a diaper bag anymore? We used to carry around a diaper bag for my boyfriend's niece but after she started potty training we found we didn't need such a big bag anymore. If you like carrying about his toys or other things he might need then maybe the campeggio is better?

    I don't think I'm much help, I love giocos as purses but campeggios are great when you have to travel with a bunch of things! If it were me I'd be tempted to just have both :roflmfao:
  9. Well if you have so many CAMPEGGIO's maybe it's nice to have a MOMMY bag. Since you do have a boy and kids grow so fast, you won't need so much room in a couple years.

    I think I'm no help...I always say "GET THEM BOTH" and sell one later when you decide. I think it's easier to have both bags together and decide that way.
  10. wow i dont' think i'd be any help either. i was just gonna say.. get em both. lol.
  11. my vote goes to the gioco... think variety is good, esp. since the campeggio is a messenger bag and gioco is a shoulder-carried bag. totally different style.

    also, with the gioco, you don't have to worry that the light-colored l'amore print will get stained by jeans or darker pants.
  12. So what did you decide?:graucho:
  13. definitely the gioco but that is my favorite style and i love my l'amore gioco so....