L'amore Bambinone vs Gioco...can't choose!!

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  1. I recently got a L'amore Gioco and Bambinone. I love this print, but getting 2 of them is getting a bit $$. The Gioco is at full price. But I got the bambinone since it's at 20% off, and it has pretty good placement (have all the characters of the print shown in full). Which one should I keep???? Should I wait to get trasporto in bambinone instead??? I think L'amore and trasporto will look good in small bags since they are small patterns scattered throughout the fabric. I didn't have any toki bags before this. I think I'm addicted!
  2. Keep the bambione since it was a great deal!
  3. i have a gioco and its a bit hard to find stuff in it at times.
    Choose bambione! Its not too oversized. I'm looking one for myself as well.
  4. I LOVE the Gioco! It's so beautiful!
  5. keep the bambinone and then you'll have more money for future prints!
  6. If you're in Toronto, get the Bambinone from Boathouse near Eaton Centre. They have the best price. Still have 5 left when I was there. (IF you know anywhere else with good price, please let me know.) The gioco...I looked all around town and only a high-end shoe store ordered it in for me from out of town. It was a good print in which all the characters showed up well somewhere on the bag.
  7. get the bambinone! u got a great deal and its one of my fav style bag. U will :heart: it. Maybe u can get another print in gioco next time :graucho:
  8. Of all my bags, I use the gioco and bambinone the most. However, if you are a keys, wallet, cell phone person, then bambinone is the best. I use the bambinone the most of the two and I think it is perfect. You can shorten the straps and make it like a hand bag/shoulder bag or lengthen the strap and make it into an across-the-body bag. In other words, keep the bambinone.
  9. I have a Gioco (Amore) and a Bambinone (Pirata) and I think the Gioco is one of the BEST bags for Amore. I'm a big bag girl though, and it fits my everyday needs a bit better.

    However, a Bambinone can hold quite a bit...and the adjustable strap is great. Personally, I would keep the Gioco and get a Bambinone in a different pattern.
  10. gioco for l'amore! :biggrin:
  11. Thanks for all your thoughts! Gioco and bambinone are my most favourite styles; that's why I have a hard time deciding. I think I'll keep the gioco for now...since I carry tons of stuff with me in summer (sunglasses, sunblock, hat, water, cardigan and more.....). The bambinone looks lovely too, but I guess I'll get it in trasporto instead! Too bad I can't keep both! =( Wish I'm a bit richer...