Lamore Bambinone on Ebay~Careful Ladies

  1. hmm...maybe they have 2? did you try emailing the seller?
  2. I dont know how right that is using a picture of another bag from another listing! especially when both pics are the front! maybe there is a reason she hasnt taken a pic of the back :shrugs:
  3. I hate when people do that! They should just use a stock photo or something until they can take their own pic of the item. It just confuses people, esp when items are so different like print placements.
  4. If the seller whose photo was stolen sees that auction, she could have the photo-stealer's auction removed.
  5. Maybe because she stole the second pic too? :shrugs:
    IMO, that should be taken down, for the picture theivery. :tdown: