L'amore Bambinone <3 !!!

  1. So it came today. I was hesitant as this is such a bright print, and I assumed correctly it is bright but I love it!

    Sorry these are so big!


  2. O:huh:OO Dawn it's very cute, congrats!
  3. CUTE! I'm not usually into bright colors either, but I'm loving my Amore Stellina this summer!
  4. Jessaka- thank you! Hehe. I am so happy with and terrified of making it dirty but the campeggio will be extra fun in that print I think. It comes tomorrow I think!

    Queen Louis- it's the girliest bag for sure, that I have which is fine, i thought i'd hate the gold but it doesn't even bug me!
  5. it is a bright bag, but it's perfect for spring or summer. a great buy! :tup:
  6. you have all my favorite characters for that print :biggrin: i didn't know i would love the bambinone style as much as i do :] it seems to hold more than my bella!
  7. I only see one pink bird in the corner!! Nooooooooooooo!! Hehe.
  8. haha i have the same one =)
    cept i looooove your print placement so much more
    the shrooms! adios! aaah! and the lattes!

    isnt it adorable? =D
  9. cute!!! man you make me a want a ciao!! lol
  10. ecny- it is bright but it's a nice change from the basic black I WEAR all the time and it gives me something to match eyemakeup with!

    kkiimm= i love the placement my friend who didn't want this, i'm lucky she has a fantastic eye, but I wish there were more bastardino and polpettina but sadly all the ones i've seen with them are always funky or half cut off so one good solid set and lots of good other ones made me happy!

    maya- the birds weren't a priority but I bet there will be a ton on my campeggio!

    lithia- aww, i'm sure yours is great too!

    vmasterz- that is my roommate's goal for this print, i love it too but who knows it may sucker me in, but i'm trying to stick to two bags per print and I have that with the campeggio on the way!
  11. yeah i dont see much lamore ciaos? i wonder where are they haha!
  12. cute cute cute!
  13. How ADORABLE, Dawn!!

    I'm not into the lighter colors much, but the L'Amore print is just TOO CUTE not to love...:girlsigh:
  14. Beautiful Dawn! I :heart: Amore so much. Such a happy print.:smile:
  15. ahhh it's so purdy!!!! :biggrin:
    I love it!!! congrats socprof!!