Lamore Bambino Anywhere?

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  1. Anyone seen lamore bambinos in stores recently? I just decided I needed one! :graucho:
  2. ^^ Thanks that is the bambinone..they listed it wrong:sad:
  3. Yes, yes, it is. Whoops. Heh. sorry.:push:
  4. i got mine off eBay! for 100 shipped :biggrin:
  5. ee i saw 3 L'amore Bambinos at Macy's FV last night.
  6. they have it at the ala moana lesportsac in hawaii for $130
  7. Ive seen tons in Macys at Lakewood mall, I dont know if theyre still there.
  8. I saw one at Up Against the Wall at Pentagon City last night, but it's still full price.
  9. hi again lisalala :smile: would you know where that store is in relation to mclean? sorry, newbie east coaster here. haha. and what other tokis do they have there? thanks a lot!
  10. Pentagon City is just a 30 minute drive around the beltway and up 395 from you. Very easy to get to from McLean. Just get on the Outer Loop of the Beltway (from McLean you would look for the signs that say Richmond). Then from the Beltway take the exit for 395 N towards Washington. This is the important part - exit at Pentagon CITY. There are many exits that say Pentagon, but only one that says Pentagon City. You'll see Macy's when you get to the end of the exit ramp. UATW is on the first level near Macy's.

    They only had the one lonely L'Amore Bambino. Everything else was Tutti and Famiglia, and it's not a large selection, but now that I think about it, I think they did have Tutti Lunas. I would give them a call. They'll hold it for you.
  11. Are they on sale at Macys?
  12. Most of the Macy's here don't have them even though one of the managers did a look up and said that they are all supposed to have at least some, but the ones that do have it have long been sold out of the sale stuff. Macy's seems to be behind everyone else in prints. They still have L'Amore and Spiaggia at regular price, even though there is very little left. They have tons of Famiglia and Tutti right now. I think that want went on sale last month was the very little Adios Star and Pirata they had left.