lamore at lesportsac stores

  1. this may be old news, but on a whim i called the lesportsac store in florida and asked her what prints she had available. i was shocked to hear they had amore in giocco, bella, bv, bocca, and trenino. i thought the stores weren't getting them. she said she had them for about a week and more may be coming in. i'm assuming if that store has them, others may as well. just thought i'd pass the info along.
    ciao, stephanie
  2. wow, I hope so!
  3. maybe its just in stores where there aren't macy's that sell them? Just trying to understand ...
  4. Wow, unbelieveable. Lesportsac needs to get their act together because they are misinforming their customers. :cursing:
  5. Lesportsac cs knows diddly squat!
  6. I remember JessakaMitz and I mentioning in another thread that the Amore is at our Ala Moana LeSportsac store when it first came out... I went to check them out about two or three weeks after they came.
  7. I saw that JapanLA was getting some in, so I called the Lesportsac here the day before they came out, and the lady told me they were going to be sold "tomorrow"...and yeahh...after that day I went. I went ONE DAY late and I missed my chance at a Denaro :sad: But it's OK..pulse came through :biggrin: Do they still have Amore @ our lesportsac? I want to check it out more for me right now though!
  8. :wtf: is wrong w/Lesportsux??????
  9. Lesportsux! :lol:
  10. I've even got my BF calling it that now :lol: which really cracks me up when he says it!!

    So I wonder if all their stores have some L'Amore or only FL? :shrugs:

    I think I remember NYShopaholic going to the Lesportsux stores in NY and they told her they would NOT be carrying L'Amore :confused1:
  11. I think Jessaka had mentioned they have it at the Lesportsac in Hawaii as well.
  12. Yeah, I understand that b/c they don't have other retailers who sell them. I think Vmasterz Lesportsux store carries them too b/c she's in Guam. I'm just wondering if the LasVegas or NY stores have them :shrugs: Super weird.
  13. Maybe they are selling them in those stores because they may not have a Macys or Nordies in the area.
  14. It annoys me that the "store locator" on their web site has been down For.Ev.Er.

    When I asked about it they said the web guy was "working on it".

    So then I asked if they could just tell me who in Colorado carried the amore bags they would only give me the names of Nordstrom's, Macy's Bloomie's and L&T. When I asked about small stores, non-department stores I was told that the ONLY non-department stores carrying it would be the LeSportsux stores. Which we know is wrong since Pulse, Azealea etc have them.

    I think they have a deal with the big stores not to give out the names of the small stores. And that just sucks. Cause I'd rather buy from a small persoanl store than a big corporate one if I'm paying retail anyway....
  15. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    Yes, and that's where I got my Amore Gioco from :wlae: Hawaii prices suck though, after taxes I paid $204 for it O__o