L'amore Angioletto or Portatelefono?

  1. Did they have either of these styles in this print? Also, anyone know at what retailer I can find either? Thanks!
  2. They make them in portatelefono, but angioletto got discontinued back with the mamma and bella bella!! :tdown:
  3. You'll be able to find Portatelefono in L'amore, angioletto was discontinued since playground print (I think). Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks!
  5. I saw a L'Amore Portalelefono in Macy's last night so you might wanna try there!! :tup:
  6. Thanks! Which macy's? I was trying to get through to the one here in so cal and no one was answering. :sad:
  7. Macy's in the Stoneridge Mall. It's in Pleasanton, CA :graucho:
    I also think that the Nordies there had some too. Good luck on your hunt!! Let us know if you find one!
  8. Thanks, I will!
  9. Sometimes they show up on eBay too. I got mine under retail on eBay a couple mos back...
  10. Good tip Angelic!! :graucho: