L'Amore Addiction Gone Wild - New Addition!

  1. I got another bag! L'AMore Bambinone Love! :smile: Woohoo!!



    My L'Amore Collection


    I'd be really crazy to say this but I WANT MORE! Then I saw the L'AMore Trenino - someone posted in in the forum. *Shivering...* It's so hard to decide. I am really deciding against buying more because I don't really like small bags, e.g. Dolce, Bocce, Denaro, Caramella, and the backpacks. But now that I almost have everything, I wanted the complete set. Crazy??? Am I? Am I? Ahhhh......
  2. :lol: i would like to think no one in this forum is crazy.... just loyal.
    ps. it's beautiful!
  3. Well you need a L'amore Stellina, of course.
  4. beautiful! :smile: I am thinking of getting something in that print for my vacation.
  5. Hehe, your L'Amore collection is as crazy as I mine! I have a Cucciolo, Zucca, Ciao, Bella, Porta, & Denaro.:whistle: I just fell in love with that print when it came out.
  6. O__O That's alot of Amore lol.
  7. Wow. That's l'amore overload. It's not crazy to want the complete set. It's just true love of the prints.
  8. Here my first Tokidoki. And my bday gift that started my collection... I am in LOVE with this print... LoL I am betting my hubby wished he never got it for me now.. HAHA But then again I did ask him to get it.... It was ordered from Macys.com and I am really happy with the print placement...

    <a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y81/danelys/DSC04441.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>
  9. danelys: that's a beautiful bag! u can blame ur husband for starting ur addiction!
  10. Aww thank you... And Yes I Do!!! I called him today while he was at work and told him that I got 2 bags (I lied I got 3 but shhhhh) and also told him that I put a Pirata on hold and he didnt get mad.. I was so shocked! He said that he understands that when they sell out then that's it... But I promised that after the Pirata I am only getting another bag and thats it... I do want some little things but as big bags go just 2 more and that's it... But he's sweet, he knows how much I love my L'amore because sometimes I just sit down and stare at it...:nuts: lol he thinks it's crazy but he understands... kinda... hehe :roflmfao:
  11. I already have a L'amore Stellina... and I'm eyeing a Bella and a Bambinone.

    I probably shouldn't get either one.:sad:
  12. I love that bambino - adorable!
  13. WOW thats alot of LOVE!!!!
  14. :wtf: ur sooo lucky! if i told my husband i bought even 1 bag, all i'd hear is :lecture: lol. even though i know he's right, we need to save $$ for a house and not live in a 1BR for the rest of our lives!

    i want a bella and ciao ciao. i don't like the stellina i have too much. i was soooo tempted to get the one posted on LJ, but someone else beat me to it!
  15. very very nice