Laminated Logo Faridah opinions

  1. Hi I'm new here, I never bought a MJ bag before but interested in this one. I would like everyone's opinions on this bag. I'm dressed casually most of the time. Thanks!
  2. Not really my style... I don't like monogram or signature bags, so I would pass on this. I prefer leather over coated canvases and laminated fabrics as well.

    But if you really like it, that's all that matters. Everyone has their own personal style!
  3. Honestly I have yet to see anyone around here (Chicago) carrying a laminated MBMJ bag...I like them, don't get me wrong, but for some reason they scream "80's" and "logo bag" to me. I think they're really cute for the price and I can imagine my 16 yr. old niece carrying one, but I've abstained from buying one myself because, well, I'm 30 and I feel I'm a little too old to be buying something so obviously trendy, kwim?

    I LIKE it, though!!! I'd love to see a gal in her twenties rocking one, I just haven't seen one yet in person, so I guess that's why I have reservations about this style bag. Sorry, I'm sure this hasn't been of any help, but I wanted to kick in my .02 on the topic because I do really like the bag.
  4. :boxing:I love it! but my style is off the cuff anyway. I like laminated bags they tend to be lighter. I love his logo bags. Thinking about buying one myself. I love the bags that other people tend to not like. But then I sport Dreds and I am almost 50!
  5. It's kinda funky, but not my style...
  6. That style of bag drives me crazy, so I can't wear it.
    But I think it would look really cute one someone else ;)

    I have 2 items from that laminated line. (I had to buy them for a specific purpose)
    As far as laminated logo items go, I'm really happy with mine.

    I think the line could look great, worn with the right outfit and attitude :heart: