Lamiastella's collection. Kimora, eat your heart out!!

  1. or not, hehe!

    Here's some pictures of my humble collection that I took today. I took them on my bed downstairs. I would have taken them in a nicer spot, but since it's raining outside and the house is a mess from getting new furniture, my bedroom was the best spot to do so! lol

    Here is what's in my collection! Click on the pics and it'll take you to a HQ version.

    Louis Vuitton

    Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 (bought on 01/01/06)


    Louis Vuitton Peppermint Vernis Ludlow (bought from a MPRS on eBay) with some lovely red color transfer :\\ I had to remove the picture since we're limited to 8 pics, but you can see it in the 'family' pic at the bottom....


    Fendi Large Zucchino Chef Bag



    Coach Small (often called Medium) Hamptons Tote


    Coach Mini Sig Large Flap Soho Hobo. This was my first designer bag :smile:


    Coach White Quitled Ski Hobo with matching black quilted ski wristlet


    Coach Green Optic Ladybug Hobo


    Coach 2006 Holiday Patchwork Tote with matching Wristlet


    The Whole Family


    Hope you all like my lovely little collection!
  2. I have the ski bunny Coach hobo too, except in black ! I bought the white wristlet from the same line for my friend's birthday - I just thought that was funny since you've got the exact opposite !

    And hey, Kimora may have millions of LV bags, but your collection is still fab ! ;)
  3. Thank you :smile:

    I'm proud of my little collection. I saved the money for my Speedy in a month by using all of the money I made from nannying and putting it into a shoe box that was superglued shut (there was a small hole in the top to put the money in) until Christmas time :smile:

    The others I have also paid for by myself, along with those that I have received as gifts for Christmas and Birthday :smile:
  4. you have a cute collection.. good variety as well....
  5. Belated congrats on your speedy - it always feels good to finally have saved up the money for something beautiful that you totally deserve!!

    And I just love the name of your thread...hehehehe!!!
  6. Great start to an awesome collection :smile:
  7. You have a nice collection. I love your Coach green optic hobo. I wish I had bought it in pink since I have the matching shoes now I can't find it anywhere.
  8. nice collection, i like your Fendi bag
  9. cute collection! thanks for sharing!
  10. Love your collection I have the white ski & ladybug hobos as well. Love them! Thanks for sharing.
  11. You have a nice collection, :heart: the speedy
  12. Fabulous collection!
  13. love your speedy!
  14. Nice collection.
  15. Cute collection ... love that Coach ladybug hobo (I'm a sucker for anything with a ladybug on it).