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  1. I purchased a Lambskin Chanel boy .. BIG MISTAKE it so scratched up on the inside and I have only worn the bag twice Im so upset but there's no turning back now do anyone know of some type of cream from me to protect the outside of my bag cause if it's start to look anything like the inside I will be very upset
  2. Hmm, that is too bad. I have several Chanel lambskin bags, even a lambskin wallet that is inside my bag with my other things and it still looks perfect. I put Caddilac leather cleaner on my bags that I purchased on line at Nordstrom, get some, it may help. One thing I do for my Classic Jumbo, it's caviar on the outside but the double flap inside is leather, I put my keys in a pouch. I actually use the pouch that my wallet came it. Take a look at what you are putting in your bag and see what can be done to protect it. Good luck.
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  3. Oh no! Sorry to hear. I have a lamb boy too, and the leather is so very delicate. But oh so soft to the touch.

    I haven't used it that often, but I can totally see it getting gouged up on the inside. And outside! Perhaps the Cadillac conditioner can help keep the leather more even looking. Some people spray theirs with colonnil spray to help waterproof it. I haven't tried.
  4. Lots of info on caring for lambskin available here:

    I use collonil 1907 on my very delicate lambskin and collonil gel on the more robust ones. All look mint. Lamb is so much more luxe than caviar to me, that it. Makes it worth the extra effort.

  5. There's so many different creams for lambskin available I personal use bick 4 it's also safe for exotic skins.
  6. With the boys, I feel like the inside scratches inevitable just because of how smooth the surface is... I'm personally okay as long as the outside doesn't get too scratched up as I feel like if I paid that much for a bag, I don't want it to be something I'm going to stress over with every little nick. Usually, as long as it's a surface scratch, rubbing and buffing with fingers or the care glove gets rid of the scratch for me, otherwise I have used the lovin' my bags conditioner and they work quite well. Don't be so upset, it's not something worth worrying over and after the initial few, I do feel that it gets easier:noworry:
  7. Where do you get the loving my bag conditioner
  8. Anyone know if the Dior and Chanel Lambskin is different? I have a Lady Dior in lambskin and although I've been using it frequently for the past 6 months, the lambskin is holding up very well, no scuffs or scratches. Is Chanel lambskin more fragile?
  9. In my opinion I found the Chanel Lambskin and Dior lambskin to be very similar. No difference really.
  10. If anything I find the Dior lambskin is more delicate! I have a lady dior card holder and compared to my more recent Chanel lambskin SLGs the Dior feel much more soft and buttery (more like my vintage lambskin Chanel). The newer lambskin feels more durable to me.

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  11. The lovin my bag conditioner is just from their website. I think its

    Its just a really gentle conditioner, id still patch test, especially on lighter leather. Ive never really tried any other leather conditioner though, I read somewhere that here that thats what people have used and just stuck with it.
  12. How is your Chanel key pouch holding up?! My Chanel SA told me there were issues with it staying closed...? I had already bought it from BG and haven't received it yet. Hoping it's not true :sad:
  13. Sorry to hear about your boy! I also bought the same bag but ended up selling it because I was TERRIFIED of it scratching up. I used it once and knew from there that I had to sell it. I refuse to have to "baby" bags.
  14. great!!! not a scratch and no issues with the keyring staying closed. i have my giant key fob and 4 other keys on there! i love it, one of my most practical SLGs (i also have the LV 6 key holder and prefer this one over that!)
  15. There is definitely a difference in lambskins between brands[emoji178]