Jan 10, 2006
I got the Mizi Vienna the other day and the quilted/embossed portion is lambskin. It's ohhhhhhh so very soft and seems VERY delicate.... This is my first bag with lambskin and I'm really curious about how durable it is or is not. If you have any experience with lambskin, please pitch in your 2 cents. I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into. Should I be so paranoid that this bag will never leave my home or see the light of day?
The only experience I have with lambskin is a leather jacket that is very soft and silky and has held up beautifully. I've had it since 1998.

I think the Be&D Garbo bag is made of lambskin. I had that bag for a brief period so can't vouch for how it would wear with time. The leather was so soft it felt like I was touching an actual lamb and it kind of freaked me out as a devout animal lover. It was part of the reason I returned it. The jacket, however, doesn't give me that feeling - dunno why!
The spy bag I have is lambskin and naturally the leather is very soft and a little frigile. I would be a little more careful wiht my bag when carry her, you know to prevent them from getting scretch mark from anything. The lambskin bags are so soft and so yummy! I love them!
Yes, lambskin is beautifully soft, but it is more delicate than most any other type of leather. When I sold designer bags, I'd steer anyone away from lambskin if they wanted something that was really durable. I would also avoid suede for the same reason. It's tougher, but it stains and can show wear very quickly.
According to the Chanel SAs who talked me out of buying a smooth lambskin bag, lambskin is more delicate and prone to scratching than some other types of leather. I'm not sure whether they are correct based on my experience with lambskin jackets--I have several and have never had a problem. Even if you were to get some marks or scratches, I believe the quilting and embossing on your Mizi will made them hard to see.
I think lambskin is prone to scratches more than goatskin or calfskin. But it really depends on how you use it. I love it for the soft and luxurious feel.
Lambskin is super delicate and if you think of Lambskin plz think
of your own skin. You will never put lotion on your hands and
handle your lambskin purse becoz it can get stained.
You will not leave your bag on the floor while you eat at
China town.
Suggest professional clean only!
More likely you have to hold your bag just like her at all time.;)


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