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  1. Hi girls, Can anybody tell me how fragile the lambskin classic flap is? Is it easily got scratches? Each opinion will be appreciated. Thank you.:smile:
  2. yes, lambskin tends to scratch easily. There's a few that don't, the distressed seems to be slightly more durable.
  3. it does scratch easily, especially fingernails etc, but they can be rubbed and do not look too bad. I find the fragility still outweighs the durability of the caviar, as the leather is just so so soft and puffy :smile:
  4. You will love the lambskin and the FEAR of it will just become careful care after a few times having it out. I was so concerned and fearful at first but now I am much more relaxed about the lambskin. Mindful, still very careful but not losing sleep over them.:sweatdrop:
  5. Thanks for advices and opinions. I'll exchange my medium black caviar classic flap for the one in lambskin. I bought the caviar one since I'm afraid of ruin a lambskin beauty but I now quite regret.