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  1. I know some of you ladies have the lambskin leather so I was wondering your opinion on it.

    Is it durable? Delicate? Would you buy it again? Everyday use? (I won't use it everyday but still curious.)

    I have been wanting a grey Chanel ever since I saw Purrrfect's (too many r's? lol) grey reissue and a grey E/W.

    The SA at Sak's emailed me today & informed me he does have a E/W in grey, but in lambskin and not caviar.

    Would you still get a lambskin E/W?

    I love the color! I would just like to get your opinions on this type of leather first.

    Mari :heart:
  2. Hey, it's Purrrfect here with all my r's. hehehe.

    I was scared of the lambskin at first, my first lambskin was a red Madison. You do have to be aware of it but I don't feel obsessed with worry when carrying it or the reissues anymore.

    You will love it and get a feel for just how careful you need to be, depending on your level of care with your current bags.

    Good luck on your decision.
  3. Lambskin is so pretty--smoother, softer, elegant--but very delicate. I sold my coral Lambskin E/W and my black Lambskin Kelly recently, both of which had never been worn. The E/W had creasing on the inside flap, and the Kelly also had creasing/wrinkling on the corners--this was all from being stored. I would recommend looking at vintage Lambskin pieces to see how they wear.

    I wouldn't use it everyday, but I think it would be fabulous as an evening or special occasion bag!
  4. I love lambskin and use a lambskin jumbo as an everyday bag. I appreciate other people's thoughts that lambskin is too delicate but it doesn't bother me. I like having a purse that has some "use" on it instead of looking brand new.

    I do think everyone should have at least one lambskin in her collection tho'!
  5. Some lambskin flaps seem to be more delicate than others. The Grey Lambskin Jumbo that I bought recently seems to be more durable. I think Chanel added some sort of protective coating over the leather, because it feels and smells different from other lambskin flaps that I have seen. If the E/W flap in grey is similar in texture to my Jumbo, then I say don't worry about it and go for it. I love grey flaps, in either caviar or lambskin.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  6. How do I know if my bag is lambskin? I bought a "messenger bag" at the Saks EGC event. What sold me is the feel of the leather- the softest I have felt in my life. I don't see anything on the cards that says it is lambskin.
  7. I love lambskin. I love the feel and love the look. I have lambskin bags and enjoy using them everyday. I am careful with them but not so careful that I wouldn't enjoy using them.
  8. With the exception of a white caviar, all my Chanels are lambskin. I love the look of them. The darker the color, the less concerned I am about them showing dirt. I have no hesitation carrying the black, the plum; however I have a coral e/w that I'm scared to death to use. I'll bite the bullet eventually because it can always be sent in to be cleaned and/or redyed if necessary.

    If you decide you are going to pass on it, please let me know, as I'm trying to find one to match a fantasy weave coat.
  9. Im new to Chanel, and I could not believe how amazing the lambskin feels. I purchased the wallet, even tho I know it is most likely to wear more in the lambskin, simply because I could not resist the feel of it!! I figure I will take more care of a purse and wallet that I love, rather than settle for a caviar (OK I admit, I might have purchased one of these too ;)), but I have had no problems with my lambskin purse so far.

    I just purchased a bordeux flap, brand new, and already inside, there are marks from the inside chain handles, but it just adds to the charm imo.
  10. TY ladies for your opinions! I will see this beauty this weekend!:tup:

    I am sure my dh would love it if I could walk away after seeing this baby...especially since i recently purchased the E/W in beige but in caviar.
  11. ^Please post pictures when you get it =) And congratulations on your beige caviar! I love the E/W!!!
  12. mscupcake- are YOU the one with the beautiful grey E/W?!?!
    if so, it's totally YOUR fault (and purrrfect's) that I am in this predicament...:roflmfao:

    love (LOVE!) the grey!

    two new E/W bags in two it possible?:sweatdrop:

  13. Hey Mari! I'm just wondering which Chanel did you go to? Is this grey e/w with new chain or old? I've been looking for lambskin e/w with new chain. Thanks.
  14. Hi! I am not sure yet of the chain. I plan on going to see it tomorrow.:tup:
  15. :shrugs: who, me? hehe!

    weekend's coming HAVE to post pics as soon as you get it!!!