Lambskin wallet wear and tear question

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am planning to get a zippy coin purse in lambskin since i cant find caviar anywhere, a SA said that they never had any caviar coin purse classic style in, only caviar boy wallet.

    I wonder if anyone here that once decided to purchase a lambskin wallet, do you regret it?

    If anyone has a wear and tear photo of your wallet please post it, i believe a lot of us are curious!

    I can't resist the look of new lambskin wallet, i mean.. Just look at them!

    Photo is borrowed from a fellow member, i forgot to get their user name!

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  2. Oh, it is my photo. :biggrin:
    As you can see, i love lambskin! I think it is so luxurious.
    My coin purse haven't got any wear. The small scratches i have had, i have been able to buff out. But i am definitely careful with my stuff. But no regrets from me.
    Hope someone else is more helpfull with a picture of wear and tear. :smile:
  3. Beverly Hills had a zippy coin in caviar with GH on Saturday. You might want to give them a call
  4. Lambskin wears very quickly and easily on the corners. I've owned two lambskin wallets and was very careful but this happened to both. The quilts didn't show any wear.
  5. I own a lambskin boy wallet. I've had it for a couple of years and so far it's holding up well. I take moderately careful care of it and so far no scratches. It does have some marks on the inside from me sliding the cards into their slots (or missing the slot and the card scrapes the leather) but since that's not visible on the outside of the wallet I'm not worried about it.

    I also do not use it every day, it's a bit bulkier that I would have liked (it's an actual wallet, not a card holder) so it takes up too much room in some of my smaller bags, thus it stays home a lot which may be a contributing factor to it looking as good as it does.
  6. I saw the zippy coin purse in caviar with both shw & ghw today. So it's definitely available in caviar, probably not at the outlet you visited or not in your country?
  7. I have had my lambskin wallet since Christmas and I was worried at first. I thought inside my bag it would get ruined! I do watch out for it, take time to make sure it is not where my keys are...and it is still perfect!
  8. I have a 9 series lambskin zippy coin purse. It still looks beautiful.

  9. Are u in the states?? Where did u see the caviar + SHW combo? Thanks! And sorry OP for hijacking your post all my Chanels are lambskin except one and I don't find them high maintenance to maintain at all!! can't speak for SLGs but thanks for posting this question, I was curious as well. Trying to decide between lamb or caviar for coin purse
  10. I love and have both caviar and lambskin but I definitely lean a bit more toward lambskin personally. And I used to be afraid too.

    I've used my cruise card case in black lambskin daily since I got it and I've dropped it and got it VERY wet (dropped onto a water spill at a cafe, thank goodness it was sprayed with Collonil waterstop) & it's still pristine. Any scratches can be buffed out by your finger or it'll fade with time... Once you scratch caviar, it doesn't "heal".... I know people say they don't see any wear on caviar but I have caviar pieces and like lambskin, it does show wear eventually. All corners go on either leathers.

    If you're super hard wearing, I wouldn't get Chanel items. LV canvas is the way to go. But if you're moderately considerate of your items, it should be fine.

    I use a 6 key holder from LV so my keys don't ever scratch my items... But in all honesty, keys can scratch caviar if it scratches hard enough... And I have two caviar card cases with little split/tears...and worn corners and I use them no differently than my lambskin...

    It's all preference. If you're nitpicky, you will see the wear. I'll include photos when I get home of my items and the wear.
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    Here's a picture of my new in caviar case. It's a week or two old.

    If you look closely, on the left of the Chanel CCs, there's a scratch on it. It's not a line from caviar pattern, I know because the line is in between the caviar circle shapes (if that makes sense)....I don't know how I got it since I don't have long fingernails but it's there. It's disguised by the caviar so it's not too noticeable and but in person, you can see a weird line going through...

    All my lambskin items' scratches have buffed out.... There's no saving caviar sometimes. Also, on all my caviar pieces, I expect wear / smoothing on the corners too. It's inevitable... I'm hoping this piece won't split-tear like my others but it's so small that it's not really a problem. Enjoy your items and choose what you personally like... As long as you're not throwing it across the universe

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  12. I have a saks gift card so i wanna spend it w a chanel inside saks, but none of saks have this wallet in caviar, i was told that the chanel near by my house has the caviar too..
  13. Thank you so much for the photo reference!

    I love the look and feel of lambskin, i have a mini lambskin, i always prefer it more than my other bags, i really want to get this wallet in lambskin but i dont baby wallet at all. For the mini bag then yeah i can be a little more careful. I literally throw my wallet EVERYWHERE lol i used to had a caviar ysl wallet, it held up very well despite me always throwing it on my messy desk whenever i get home.. From the nature of me always throwing my walle, i have to make myself buying caviar or i swear i will ruin the lambskin wallet on first use lol
  14. Crashing in on this thread to seek advice if the lambskin wallet users treat or spray your wallet before use? I've 1 (all because I'm superficial and went for the luxe look over practicality) and am quite scared to start using it due to the delicate nature of lambskin.:P
  15. I saw people using some spray thing to make the lambskin "waterproof" i forgot the name of it. I read about it on the care for lambskin thread long time ago. Nordstrom sells that spray too.

    For me if i get a lambskin , i will use the hell out of it. For a wallet, it will have scratches at the corners, on the leather, the interior will get dirty if you keep coin or cash anyways, so might as well get my $$$$ worth and use that bastard! That is just my two cents :P