Lambskin wallet a bad idea?

  1. I really want a Chanel black wallet. The only one I found is a lambskin one. Does anyone have a lambskin wallet they use daily?
  2. If you are planning to get a lambskin wallet ...its always better to get darker color!!
  3. i do. i love it. but i got caught in the rain and it got soaked and the leather is quite strange. but prior to that, i used it everyday for almost a year and it was gorgeous. mine was a red/maroon.

    sighs. i am sad again. but other than getting absolutely soaked, it's pretty hardy.
  4. I would say that you would have to be extra careful with it because of the lambskin :s
  5. i absolutely love Chanel's Lambksin wallet....but they are extremely delicate and you have to be extra careful with them..i honestly go thorugh a Chanel Lambskin wallet every 6 months..and then i keep them in boxes and admire them!! yes im anal..cuz im really afraid to make it dirrrtty.and the leather will kindda "rub-off" if you know wat i mean...
  6. I got it in a sexy Navy and its just diviiiiine.
  7. So far the PNY black one I have is looking perfect...
    I've been using it every day for a bit over a month.
    That's not terribly long but it looks like it did the day I got it.
  8. My only complaint IMO....the leather starts to look kinda dull over a short period of time.
    Maybe I'm too hard on my stuff!!
  9. I have a Black Lambskin wallet and I use it every day - Love it!
    I prefer Lambskin over Caviar myself :yes: