Lambskin Rivets Bag on Eluxury

  1. its under seasonal, they have both colors
  2. Hmm, yes..I love it - since I saw yours actually, sarah! The only problem is the $$$ :crybaby:
  3. yes i have the mono one, i do love the lambskin though but i agree with you on the money! :yes: :yes: Its very soft IRL i think that one is much better suited as a shoulder bag, the mono is NOT a shoulder bag IMO;)
  4. This is such a fabulous bag, I love it in both white and black, but particulalry in black. I wish I could buy it but too much for me.
  5. Ohhh that makes me wish I hadnt just got a white suhali off elux. Crap! I'd rather have a lambskin rivets. I love both colors after buying the mono. It's my fave bag!
  6. does your not fit over the shoulder well?
  7. My mono rivet goes over my shoulder fine...
  8. Thanks for chiming in Jill! Mine does too. And I am no small chick. lol
  9. I never though they'd make it to elux- the black is gorgeous :drool:
  10. To me, its just too wide at the base to be comfortable on the shoulder, maybe i am not doing it right:roflmfao:
  11. I agree with ya, Sarak... can't use mine as a shoulder bag.. the base it too big. It just looks funky and feels terrible.
  12. ^^Yep totally agree! Thanks