Lambskin or regular leather?

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  1. Hi Ladies, I have a quick question and I am more curious than anything else. I recently purchased the Vintage DG Mini Mattie, and also a Brown Haze MAC on the bay. Does anyone know what type of leather these are? :thinking:
  2. I'd like an official answer about the haze leathers as well. I'm thinking that they're not cowhide, not lamb, maybe a lightly glazed goat skin?
  3. I'm pretty sure that the haze leathers are cow of washed calfskin. Its too hardy to be goat or lamb since those are a lot more delicate regardless of glazing or not!
  4. ^ Huh?
  5. They are cow. RM hasn't used goatskin yet AFAIK. Lamb is a different texture than those 2 leathers, so it's not lamb.
  6. Thank you :balloon:
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    Bomar's Deep Red was goatskin...I think there were a few more but I am not sure of the color names. :smile:
  8. It would be great if RM made some goatskin leather bags again. I have a couple of the goatskin Balenciagas and really like them!