lambskin or patent - which is more delicate?

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  1. i know caviar is probably the most durable but which comes next, the lambskin or patent? which would be better for daily use?
  2. I personally think lambskin is very delicate. It does scratch easily unlike patent. But I have to say lambskin is my all time fav. in the Chanel line. But for durability I would do patent if your not thinking of caviar.
  3. ^^^ ITA... lambskin is definitely the most delicate in the Chanel lines... it actually scares me to use it!
  4. Other than keeping patent shiny and free of fingerprints/marks, patent is easy to keep. Lambskin requires more upkeep.

    Both of these are my favorites, caviar is a distant last on my list. Good luck!
  5. Patent is doesn't need to be babied at all and does great in the rain.
  6. I have both and patent is definitely more durable. My only concern is how to keep it looking shiny in the long term. Can anyone recommend a product that won't harm patent and prolong its longevity?

    Coldplaylover - do you you find your black patent bowler attracts dust, especially on top? My tote is a dust magnet! I love the luxury ligne patent bags, but in broad daylight it drives me crazy to see specs of dust all over it! In the dimmer light of my home, it looks lush!
  7. I was wondering about that. You can just wipe it off afterwards with no problems?
  8. If to choose, will go for patent as lambskin is too delicate and not easy to maintain~
  9. Patent is more durable than Lambskin:yes:
  10. Lambskin is more delicate than patent. Therefore Caviar > Patent > Lambskin in durability.
  11. Chanel's patent is great. No worries.
  12. Do you have to worry about scratches on patent bags??? I always thought that patent would show scratches very easily?
  13. Syma - Chanel does a nice crackled patent which so far seems to be very durable and easy to care for. The Luxe tote is very large and boxy and mine still looks brand new, even after bumping into walls, car doors, etc. I have had patent shoes (cheap ones though) that scratched so easily and was worried about the bag doing the same, but there must be different grades of patent.
  14. Roey, I bought a Patent leather cleaner named Vernice online, it cleans and shines patent pretty well, I have used it on my chanel star-stitched flap as well as my marc jacob patent shoes. You can buy it at