Lambskin Or Caviar

  1. Hi, i m deciding to buy a medium size classic flap in black but undecisive on whether to get in lambskin or caviar, can you guys out there give me some advice/opinion please. Also, how many other leather are there available, can those experts help out please.:confused1:
  2. I like lambskin.. the caviar just looked a little rugged to me.. but both are nice.. thx for your comment on m jumbo patent or med. (I think I'm going for the med!)
  3. I also think the lambskin is more feminine=)
  4. I personally think they are both beautiful. But I prefer caviar because I'm a little clumsy, and they are more durable.
  5. Thks bostongirl. I do hope that you will get you med soon. Will lambskin be more fragile? ie. easily scratch?
  6. that's what i m worry handbag_luvr. I like the softness and the expensive look on the lambskin but worry that i might scratch easily. Since this is the classic item i intend to use it many years to come...:p
  7. Yea I saw the lambskin and it is so beautiful. But the SA agreed that it was wiser to get caviar for durability.
  8. Btw, gold or silver hardware goes well with the black lambskin?:nuts:
  9. caviar for me!

    So that I can use it without worrying too much!
  10. Thks handbag_luvr, is there a way to pre-treat the lambskin? I m still comtemplating cos Chanel is so famous with its lambskin and it is so hard to let go the soft yummy touch....
  11. Ok. When you compare the caviar and lambskin side by side, do you atually notice the lambskin is more beautiful? Or can you tell when you saw a person carry a lambskin or caviar?
  12. You can tell, the caviar looks pebbly while the lambskin is very smooth. But I got the caviar in silver hardware.
  13. Definitely, caviar! Any scratches on my bags....give my heartache.
  14. thks judebabe and allbrandspls, for the practical advice. Is there someone out there love lambskin so much to sacrifice practicality? Any story on scratchy lambskin?
  15. I vote for lambskin, it's really beautiful. Of course, you need more babying, but not a lot though. I have to pay a little more attention when using it and after using it. It's still very nice without scratch after using many times. However, if you really want ZERO BABYING, then caviar is very durable choice.

    Hope you can make the decision soon.