lambskin or caviar?

  1. After picking the hw color for my future beige flap, now it's time to decide the leather? I just love the touch of lambskin, soft:drool: ....But caviar looks nice too and more durable. Whatcha think?
  2. soo hard to decide... i just bought the med beige classic in caviar and i've taken it out of the box twice to model in front of my mirror... i'm still contemplating wether i should keep it or exchanging it for something else. I think the lambskin will bring out the color a bit more. But thats my preference.
  3. i prefer the look of the beige in caviar. also, beige is a fairly light colour and light coloured lambskins are known to be fairly high-mantainence. So my vote is for the caviar, on both counts (looks and durability) :biggrin:
  4. Even though caviar is more durable I'm not a big fan of it. For me it's lambskin all the way!
  5. I vote caviar for light-coloured flap bags... :yes:
  6. I generally lean toward lambskin, but for some reason I prefer the look of the beige in caviar.
  7. The lambskin looks better but go for the caviar if its beige. I've the beige flap in lambskin, its not aging well.
  8. i like both! and some color looks good on caviar and some looks good on lambskin.....its really your own preference, good luck!
  9. i just got my caviar baby cabas, and :heart: the leather, it's very pretty!
  10. I think the lambskin one looks nice at first glance (even for other colours) but after looking at it for a longer time, the caviar one definitely looks better.

    Moreover the caviar is more durable and easier to maintain and handle. Thus I vote caviar !!!!
  11. Caviar!!!
  12. another vote for caviar
  13. If you plan to use the bag often, I think the caviar is a better investment.
  14. Caviar. My SA told me that beige lambskin shows dirt incredibly easily. Since I'm not one to baby my bags, I think caviar would be the more practical choice. But I suppose none of us are really that practical when it comes to bags...:p
  15. For beige I'd say get the can take a beating and still look great!