Lambskin or caviar woc? Please post yours!

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  1. hi everyone!
    I'm going to get a woc but can't decide on which leather. I love the look and feel of lamb but am worried how it'll look after a few years. I know caviar is durable, but how will it look years later? Both leather with eventually wear down but I'm interested to know which will age better. I know there are tonssss of people who asked the same question and I've browsed through most of them. However, I'm a visual person and would really appreciate it if ladies you could show me how your woc has aged.
    thank you !
  2. I got a lambskin boy woc last November and have used it for less than 2 weeks. IT SCRATCHES LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW. Front flap, inside of flap, inside the purse... Anywhere with leather, there are scratches. Basically, you just have to touch it and it will leave a mark. In saying that though, I don't regret getting the lambskin as the caviar can look too casual.
  3. My lambskin bag still look great, i have had it for a year, been through with me on the airplane, i even threw it inside my giant backpack as a carryon because i didnt wanna leave it inside my check-in luggage. It smells like airplane but there is no visible scratch. I love my lambskin mini, will buy another lambskin in either pink or red next spring :smile: the touch of lambskin is amazing, i kept touching my bag when i first got it lol. My caviar wallet is soft too but not as soft as lambskin. I love both, but i prefer lambskin :smile:
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  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466853028.965577.jpg
    Loves them all...lamb or caviar
  5. Thanks for the response! May I ask if the top corners of the flap have worn down from having the chain rubbing? Does it like... Tear the leather away?
  6. The lambskin coin purse is very eye catching! Beautiful!
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  7. 1466856971097.jpg

    I have other chanel bags in lambskin which i baby them. My WOC is an everyday bag for me, so i got mine in caviar. This baby can definitely take a beating without crying. Enjoy!
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466863238.152136.jpg

    I have lambskin - it did scratch once in the beginning and I was sad but since then,it has been fine. I think it depends on the color. For me, red in lamb is so perfect.
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  9. Thanks! How are the top edges where the chain rubs holding up? I've heard the leather wears away and you can see the layer underneath
  10. I have not experienced that but I do not use the WOC as an everyday bag - it's strictly for going out.
  11. + 1

    Exactly the same for me! I have two lambskin wocs and I bring them with me when I travel and usually throw it in my carry on backpack! The lambskin just looks so luxurious and could be dressy or casual at the same time!
  12. I have both and I love them both equally. I take care of them but do not baby them. My advice is to 20160626_131925.jpg get the one you LOVE!! Good luck deciding. :heart:
  13. Hi woc lovers! I have both caviar and lambskin woc's that i love! Please check out my new video that I posted on the Chanel WOC :smile: I talk about the 3 styles that i have: black/gold caviar leather, red lambskin golden class woc and black/silver boy woc.

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  14. image.jpeg I use my WOC for on the go days so I prefer the more scratch resistant caviar leather.
  15. Gorgeous color! Is that gold?
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