Lambskin or Caviar Leather?? Please help....

  1. Hi, I really want to buy the jumbo bag in the timeless classic but still can't decide until now between the lambskin or caviar leather. I've got the large size in caviar leather and I want my next bag in lambskin but I was told that the lambskin is very delicate, can get easily scratch and the shape of the bag can change if it leans on something and that is not meant to be used for everyday bag especially when I have two kids. Is this true? Any suggestions? And because I live in perth, it makes it even harder to decide because there's no chanel boutiques in perth :sad: there're only 2 chanel boutiques in Australia which is in Sydney and Melbourne. I've never seen the lambskin in the jumbo size so if anyone has the jumbo bag in the lambskin especially with silver hardware can you please post a picture of it? Thank you.
  2. I have a medium flap in lambskin and a jumbo in caviar and prefer that because the jumbo is more of a day bag for me because of how much it can hold vs. the medium flap which is more of a special/occasion going out bag because it can only hold my wallet cell phone and keys. If I were in your situation, I would probably still get a caviar jumbo because lambskin jumbos scare me...I'm too afraid of water and scratches. The only lambskin jumbo I might consider is a vintage one because they seem to have been made with heartier lambskin. Hope that helps...
  3. Lambskin is more elegant and rich looking than caviar leather. I had a lambskin jumbo once as a mini diaper bag, and boy, that got all scratched up fast. Now I stick to caviar for everyday use and lambskin for evening,special occasion bag. Caviar is much tougher and keep its shape better.
  4. If you want a jumbo, definitely get caviar. I would worry way too much about damaging the lambskin b/c the bag is bigger.. wouldn't be able to enjoy it at all!!

    If you really want a lambskin bag, get a smaller sized like medium.. and use it for special occasions.
  5. Definitely caviar jumbo as it's definitely less worry hassle and besides u have two kids, unless u only use her when you are not with your kids ard. Then u can go for lambskin if u really want one.

    If not caviar is still the best choice for everyday use.
  6. Caviar:tup:
  7. Thanks for the suggestions everyone....I really appreciate it :tup:
  8. btw....does anyone has any picture of the jumbo bag in lambskin?
  9. caviar is what I'd go for!