LAMBSKIN.. just how fragile is it really?

  1. im a minimalist and the east west is a workable size for me. i just love the look of the lambskin, black with gold hardware..:love: but this would be an almost everydayish bag.. not to mention my first chanel bag. so..would it just not work for my needs? should i stick with caviar?
  2. My SA believes that the newer lambskin is more durable than it used to be. but honestly, unless you baby it, it's not 100% ideal for everyday all day wear.
    I'd stick w/ calfskin, deerskin or caviar.
  3. Do caviar or calfskin
  4. Even brand new lambskin bags at Chanel stores already have marks on them.:crybaby:
  5. ^^ aww really?:crybaby:
  6. i see what you mean swanky, especially with it being my first chanel i would completely baby it.. but then after all that to find a little nick or something despite all that mollycoddling.. breaking my heart LOL!
  7. I would absolutely NOT choose lambskin for an everyday bag. Caviar may not feel soft and luxurious, but really easy to maintain - I inherited a white caviar bag recently and it is in such great condition that I can't believe that it is almost 10 years old! Good luck and have fun shopping around.
  8. I haven't even used my lambskin that much and it has lots of scratches, it's very delicate.
  9. if you hate seeing scratches or fingermarks on the leather, id recommend calfskin or caviar, i got a lambskin east/west and it had a fingernail mark on it! so i returned it..
  10. The scratches on lambskin can be buffed out. I personally love lambskin - you just have to get over the first scratch and remember to condition and buff it out periodically.
  11. What do you use to condition Lambskin?
  12. I think it depends on the finish that is on the lambskin. I know my ultimate soft foldover bag has proven to be very durable. I've carried it alot and travelled with it recently and no scratches. I returned a new bag that I believe the SA said was a "glazed?" lambskin. It scratched very easily, but he told me just to use the oil from my fingertips to rub out and they did rub out very easily - just didn't like how quick it got scratches. My SA told me never to condition lambskin, just work out the scratches with your fingertips. Hope this helps.
  13. I love my lambskin and use it pretty often. I'd agree you'll see fingernail marks easily but they rub out easily too.

    It's totally luxurious and I agree, you just have to remember to buff it now and then and it looks superb!
    I use mink oil or leather conditioners...I'm sure the SAs will recommend something.
  14. oh! so there is a way to make lambskin usable? hmm..
  15. are u thinking of east-west lambskin?
    my friend has that in black also and theres no damage to it at all...
    I've got the med. double flap in light beige and its fine...