Lambskin Coffer vs Distressed Leather Coffer?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I dont know if anyone has put this question up before. Tried searching but nothing came up so far.

    Anyhooo.... I want to hear your views about the classic lambskin coffers VS the distressed leather coffers that came out in the recent seasons!

    I know the lambskin ones are so so soft & squishy, but easy to be scratched?! And the distressed leather is good to withstand stain, wear & tear!

    Im thinking of getting the zaffiro (after seeing such gorgeous pics of it) but would love to hold the lambskin!! Lambskins are classics whereas the distressed ones may stand out more??
    Argh!! Im torn between the both! :shame:

    What do you think?:tup::tdown: Which do you prefer?
  2. I love the soft squishy leather of lambskin. In all bags. It's my favorite. I think the new distressed is different but not as great as the lambskin. I haven't noticed that it gets scratches that easy. I think the hard leather in some bags scratches much easier than the lambskin.
  3. I have the Zaffiro Coffer... and I gotta tell you that it can also get scratches from your fingernails! But since I don't have the lambskin version, I don't have the comparison :sweatdrop:
  4. I personally like the lambskin better although it's relatively more visible when it is scratched!
  5. sorry, my bad. So the distressed leather is pretty "scratch-able". :sweatdrop:

    For ladies out there who have both types of coffers, which one do u :heart: more?
  6. I have a black lambskin Coffer...sooooo soft. I'm not a fan of distressed leather in general, but haven't seen the coffer IRL. Love the lambskin though.
  7. For coffers - I prefer them in lambskin.. but I have the bow in distressed calf and its also totally amazing as well! hee.. and its easier to take care too.
  8. ahh!! the comments so far is split down in the middle?!! i still have no clue which one is better?!! help!
  9. ^Whichever you have your heart set on is better. If you can't decide get both!! :graucho:
  10. Hi ladies, I was wondering if Miu Miu still makes the Coffer in lambskin? Or are the bags available at the moment only made in distressed leather? Thanks for your help!!
  11. Doesn't the zaffiro only come in distressed leather. I have NEVER seen a zaffiro lambskin
  12. ahh! I decided to take the plunge and join the zaffiro club! I'll update you girlies abt the distressed leather!

    hi j'adore_richie, I found out recently that the coffer did come in blue lambskin but it is extremely rare to find.