Lambskin classic flap not as shiny as others?

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  1. DH bought me a m/l classic flap last month and it was shiny and puffy. The problem is had was, the edge of the flap next to the clasp it seemed like the stitching was off and the edge was showing a little when u look at the handbag in the front.. Anyways, I went back to exchange the bag and brought one home that was not as shiny and seemed like a softer lambskin and slightly less puffy. I actually liked it better a little less shiny, but now I am wondering why it's like that. I am a first time owner so I am doubting my choice.. It's too late to exchange again so I am just seeing if anyone knows why.

    Sorry for the long post :smile:
  2. I just got one in beige m/l ghw about a month ago and it looks less shiny and puffy too! I think this is the new change in lambskin :thinking:. Like you, I actually don't mind it less shiny and puffy as it looks more durable this way.'s beautiful!! :love:

    Btw...mine is made in France if you're wondering!
  3. Your bag looks gorgeous, I hope that you will enjoy wearing her. There are two possibilities for this lamb being less shiny... Chanel has started to treat many of their lambskin bags with a protective coating so that they will not be as fragile. (Though personally, I never found them to be overly delicate... mine still look great after many years of regular wear.) Second reason might be : If you purchased a raw and unteated lambskin bag, each animal or piece of leather is different so sometimes there is more sheen or less. The level of shine is in no way a defect. I hope this helps!:smile:
  4. It sure helps! Thanks.. I really like the less shiny look so good thing it's not a defect..

    MissSusan, mine is made in France too.. Maybe some new lambskin is like that?
  5. hi guccikat,

    I love your lambskin m/l flap. it is just so beautiful. I had just bought a new m/l flap in black caviar, wondering if i should have it exchange to lambskin. Personaly i love lamsbkin but got the caviar due the it's durablility.
  6. hi luckylove,

    may i know how old is your lambskin flap? does the edge of the flap show sign of wear & tear already? I really feel like getting a lambskin flap instead of caviar now after seeing guccikat's lovely flap's pic here :smile:
  7. Hi :
    I am the new owner of a chanel lambskin jumbo. My lilac LS is not very shiny but its quality amazes me. I have been using it daily for over a week & there isn't a scratch or scruff at the corners. I expect friction marks or color transfer but i am pleasantly surprised there isn't any. Happy with the new quality indeed!
  8. Hi Guccikat and D Lee,

    May i ask what is your new flap serial no? Would like to know since when the improved quality lambskin flap is made. Thanks!
  9. I think it's the new quality of the lambskin they make these days. Mine m/l classic flap was bought in 2007 still shinny. Yours look good. Congrats.
  10. Hi preciousbb:
    My jumbo's serial number begins with 168xxx. I am closely observing the durability of my new lambskin as well since I want a lambskin beige also. Hope the LS has really umproved rather than my luck:P
  11. Yes I believe this is going to be the new lambskin ;) I'm amazed at how scratch resistant it is now...although less shiny. I like this new change!
  12. I like the look of the current lambskin leather. I am sure that your lambskin leather will develop its own shiny patina over time. Your flap looks perfect!
  13. Hi!

    D Lee: your flap is gorgeous!! Live the color so much :smile:

    Preciousbb: my serial number is 158xxxx so I am assuming its the new lambskin?

    I really like the look of this because it seems softer and more buttery :smile: .. I considered caviar for durability but just couldn't say no to lambskin!
  14. Hi Guccikat and D Lee,

    I belive both of your flaps were recently made, year 2012 perhaps? I got my m/l caviar in London few days ago, numbering start with 16xx too. Hopefuly i can find one lambskin with new serial number too. :smile:
  15. Hi preciousbb:
    My LS was purchased from a Chanel boutique over a week ago. I owned >half a dozen Chanel caviar/calfskin bags but never had a lambskin. I read here on the forum that the LS had been improved & so I decided to experiment & got one. I broke all taboos regarding LS: jumbo size, light coloured & I am in jeans every day. But I baby the LS a lot. My LS was purchased in HK-the most expensive place to get a Chanel! So I am now counting the number of days that the bag can remain in pristine condition.:graucho:

    Sb on this forum asked if there was anyone with a pristine LS that was purchased >5 yrs. Nobody answered. I hope I could be that person 5 yrs down the road!