Lambskin Chain Sunglasses

  1. alright, everyone. these sunglasses appeared in the bloomingdale's cataloge back in december, and i'm on the waitlist for them, but i have no idea when they're coming out.

    i know the price is around 600, since it's lambskin, but the only place i've yet to see them is on lindsay lohan. anyone know anything about these?
  2. I think I saw them on Thursday at Bloomingdales at the Century City Mall... Had no idea they were $600!!
  3. These are the 4160, right? I have seen them and I think they retail for around $500, not $600.
  4. I saw these at a few department stores at SCP in early January.

  5. oh thank god! that's even better news! ;)
  6. I think they're already out. I wasn't specifically looking for them but I could swear I saw them a few weeks back.
  7. I saw these at Sunglass Hut, in NY. They are about $500.
  8. yes i saw them at bloomingdales in huntington new york yesteday also
  9. I tried those on at Bloomie's Soho last month. IIRC they were around 550.
  10. we have them in our store. the brown with gold hardware. they are $555, i think i will get them when i go back to work
  11. cute glasses... while 555 is a bit pricey for sunglasses its not too bad though.

    LV sunglasses are usually in this price range & I think these chanel sunglasses are cuter than what LV has.
  12. In Australia they are around AU $700, which is a lot for a pair of sunglasses. I adore them, they look very hot and are different. You can buy authentic ones online at Sunglasses Italy or maybe try eBay if they are sold out in stores :smile: