Lambskin? Caviar?

  1. Hi, gals! I'm new to this thread, and I love Chanel bags (and Hermes, too)!

    I just bought a pink caviar 2.55 yesterday (I had bought it before, then stupidly returned it, but Saks had their gc promo on Thurs., and I saw the bag there, and I knew that I couldn't let it get away from me this time!). Anyway, when I was at the store, I had to debate b/w this bag and a lambskin beige pochette, and I'm wondering if I made the right choice. The SA and another customer were totally convincing me to get the caviar because according to my SA, lambskin doesn't last as long, plus I noticed some scratches on the other lambskin bags I saw, but it's definitely pretty. I'll post pics of my pink caviar as soon as I can.
  2. caviar lasts longer than lambskin, so as your first chanel bag, you definitely want to go with caviar. For your second bag, you can definitely go with lambskin or calfskin
  3. Caviar is easier to maintain. I would get caviar as my first bag just for that reason alone.
  4. This is interesting. Both of my chanels are cambon calfskin so I'm not familiar w/ lambskin and caviar

    What is the difference between the looks of these two?
  5. In terms of resiliency

    Lambskin < Calfskin < Caviar

    Looks wise, between Calfskin and Lambskin I would say they are fairly close? Lambskin is like butter to the touch though!
  6. Ooh, I love pink! I've seen the pinks before from S/S and they were really pretty and feminine! I totally think you made the right choice - when I get my first Chanel flap, I'm planning on going with caviar.
  7. so pretty:love:
  8. LOVE your bag! gorgeous! well all mine is caviar and one lambskin..two calfskin and one deerskin...

    caviar is fairly well to maintain... and my FAV. leather
    calfskin is my second.. very sturdy love the feel...
    deerskin is really nice but FINGERPRINTS ..good thing i only carry it special occasions
    lambskin..i tend to stay away from.. my lambskin cambon pochette is nice... my mom has the east/west in beige lambskin.. she has scrtches on it....really bad.. because im totally a freak on wrinkles...
  10. Love your new bag - congrats. I also tend to like the caviar leather the best just because I tend to be rough on my bags. I tend to baby my Cambon a little more because it is calfskin and although not as fragile as lambskin, I still worry I am going to do something to the leather.
  11. Beautiful!
  12. I love it!!!! I was deciding between pink and black for my first classic flap and decided to go with black just because that's, basically, all I ever wear. But yours is gorgeous though!!!! Congrats!
  13. :heart: the pink caviar classic. Great choice. I prefer the caviar better, just my personal choice. Don't have to worry about the bag too much. Lambskin just scratches to easily although it is nice and soft.