Lambskin birkin?

  1. I went to the H store this week looking for a wallet and the SA showed me a wallet made from lambskin. It was really soft and she claims its pretty durable so I am wondering if H makes a lambskin birkin? Have any of you ladies seen one, or own one? I know the LV suhali leather is made from lambskin also and if memory serves me correctly this leather holds its shape fairly well?? I am not a big fan of slouchy birkins but I do like a bag with a softer feel to it.
  2. I have the fab LV suhali. I think instead of lamb, it's goat.
  3. GM is correct Suhali is goat.

    I know H has made bags in lambskin, however, I don't know how "durable" it is. I have only seen it in small bags.

    Chanel bags are made out of lambskin, so if you have any, the feel would be the same. I know many people who shied away from traditional Chanel lambskin bags because they could not be used everyday and were prone to scratches. Given the softness of the leather and the construction of the Birkin, I would think the bag would slouch if it were made out of lambskin. The bag is just too big for that kind of leather .
  4. In the past I've disliked how delicate the Chanel lambskin has been. It tends to scratch easily and doesn't patina as nicely as Hermes calfskin. But its all about preference. Hermes lambskin, I would imagine, is of the highest quality. I just bought some Hermes lambskin gloves and though soft as can be, the SA assured me that they are sturdy and don't need to be babied.
  5. The Garden Partys TPM (30 cms) in leather (red, black and brown) are made of lambskin.
  6. I had a brown bolduc Garden Party TTPM (20cm) that was made of lambskin. It was lovely and seemed fairly durable. I'm not sure I would like a Birkin in it but maybe a mini Kelly?
  7. ^Isn't your red TPM made of lambskin too?
  8. ^^ Nope - my vermillon tohu bohu Garden Party tote is the "next generation" GPT, made of veau swift. Swift has a bit of a texture while lamb does not.
  9. ^Thanks for the clarification!!!
  10. But, I do think the darker red GPTs (with the H-E-R-M-E-S silk lining) were lamb leather.
  11. ^ Ah, I wasn't aware they existed. I was only aware of the vermillion with tohu bohu, black with "h" and brown with bolduc (or was it the other way round?)
  12. No, you are right (and my memory stinks! LOL!). The other lamb leather GPTs had H lining, not HERMES spelled out. They came in black and red. As for the veau swift GPTs, they come in vermillon and black. I just love them!
  13. OOh Swift Garden Parties!!! What is the price range for that and do they come with the shoulder strap option?
  14. The swift GPTs are in the low $2K (between $2200-2500). I have seen a couple on They come with the shoulder strap like the regular GPTs. I hope they will make the swift in other colors. Too many reds in my collection at this point!!! :sad:
  15. YAY! Swift in a GP sounds lovely!