Lambskin and saddle soap - safe to use together?

  1. I did a search on the boards and saw that a number of you had luck with saddle soap and caviar leather, but does anyone have experience with it and lambskin? Thanks!
  2. I'd say NOT. I know it removes color from Cambon bags so I imagine it would be even worse for lambskin. I would not recommend trying it.
  3. Do not use saddle soap on lambskin. Saddle soap is much too waxy for lambskin. Lambskin is very porous so it will definitely discolor with the wrong cleaner.
  4. Lambskin is so delicate. I don't suggest you use anything on it. Chanel specialist told me to clean it only as needed with a mild ph-balanced leather cleaner. But I haven't tried it yet. I [SIZE=-1]just use a nice clean cloth, damp it a bit, and wipe off all surface dirt/dust.[/SIZE]