Lambskin a little rubbery?

  1. A took out my double flap in lambskin yesturday for dinner...and I suddenly realized it somewhat felt rubbery to me... Especially the chains (I could almost hear a squeeling sound as I carry the bag)...Now its still soft and all, and nothing has changed since I got it BUT I just start to feel the difference (because I've been using caviar to much more often these days)....I had almost forgotten how lambskin feels...

    Does anyone else feel similar about lambskin? Or you guys think I am completely off and out of my mind?

    Oh and don't get me wrong I adore Chanel, and of course will continue to purchase more but I just think I don't feel the crazy love for lambskin particularly.
  2. yes, i am on the same page as you. not just chanel lambskin bag particularly, for some reason all lambskin bags feel a bit rubberry to the touch for me and yes they make "squeeling" sound too :smile:
  3. my caviar's chains squeak too...
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