Lambo reaches 219mph on a highway.......

  1. Vlad is always watching car videos, so I have seen some crazy stuff! It is insane though. I would be wetting my pants if I were in that car!
  2. that is so dangerous. Nice car though!
  3. nice car. but i don't dare my life to seat in it with that speed driving.
  4. I think this car went past my place last week. Either that or I had a space-time contueme problem. :smile:
  5. idiot.
  6. I also don't see what's the point of driving that fast...I guess it's the thrill..but then again it's dangerous and uncalled for.
  7. hope he doesn't hit a tree like the Ferrarri Enzo that split in half here in Malibu.
  8. uh, where are the cops when you need them?? :sos:
  9. That guy is an idiot. It is totally unsafe and wrong to drive at that speed on a freeway. Thank goodness nobody was killed. I hate people who's stupidity causes them to take the lives of other people in their own hands.
  10. That's insane. I admit I like to drive fast to. Most I ever gone was probably 100 and I was freaking out. Can't imagine going that fast, but glad to see no one was on the freeway with him. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near someone speeding like that.

    I remember the Malibu incident. That guy just got out and ran off.
  11. Holy Mother Of God!
    My heart rate increased just watching:sweatdrop:,these are some powerful machines.It takes a skilled driver to handle one of these at 70mph much less 219.
    This looks like it was a planned run as there wasn't any traffic on that section of highway during the run.
  12. This bothers me... regardless of my joke earlier, this was done on a public highway late at night. Am I the only one who can foresee a deer or another animal walking on the freeway and getting hit? Something like that, NO-ONE walks away from.

    And what's this "need for speed" anyway? To prove how tough someone is? World records mean little if you are dead.

    Humans are so stupid at times.
  13. Just watching that made me car sick.

  14. That's what I thought at first too but I don't think it was. For one, he had a radar detecter in his car and for two, you can hear him tell his buddy (the film maker) to watch for...........(couldn't hear what he said but I'm sure it was the friendly po-po)