LAMBIES Unite.......

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  1. Hey, we can all stay connected even better.....
    If you have a MySpace, post it here and stay connected w/ eachother. I'll start:
    MySpace ID; legsie96 and my name is Maureen. :jammin:
  2. Or Facebook?
  3. okay peeps - i have both. shouldn't be hard to find me. ;)
  4. I have a facebook too- but don't do much with it. All that "wall" stuff...... idk...
    Share names please :yes:
  5. i'm not active on those type sites, but my name is Allison.
  6. Hi Allison!! :sunshine: No big deal- it was just an idea that I thought would be fun.
  7. I think a myspace for LAMB was tried before and was not very successful..but good luck!
  8. Oh that's not my goal. My goal was just to have some of my lambie friends be my myspace/facebook friends too. :flowers:
  9. I have an LJ account set up and it's Friends view only - if any of you have an LJ account I can always add you in if you want...I tried Facebook but it's kind of useless for me.
  10. ^^Is that livejournal? I went on there to look- looks very confusing to me. idk why....
  11. surprisingly my husband has been on facebook lately, he just joined and usually he's very private, but he's been having fun talking to old friends and co-workers.
  12. That's what it's all about- but some ppl just ruin it sometimes.
  13. It is livejournal. You just set up an account and start posting/blogging.
  14. Still looks confusing to me.
  15. My problem with myspace/facebook is I only check them about once every six months. I try to do better but it never works, lol.