Lambies' Pets???

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  1. We all love the L.A.M.B. lamb!! Lambies, all who have pets... share your families!! I'll start first:

    Ferrah- the Ferrett:heart:

    Lizzie- our cat:heart:

    Nika- our JackBeagleLab mix nut of a dog:heart:

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  2. So cute legsie!
  3. Here's a couple of the pets that I grew up with that reside with my parents

    Otis half-Australian Shepard half-black lab (he just came in from the snow)


    Cinnamon Rhodesian Ridgeback

    Tinker on the left and Alpine on the right

  4. My furbaby Calvin



  5. So cute!!! We also have 2 hamsters- Moe & Curly and 4 Saltwater fish, and 2 painter turtles. We love our animals, obviously. Ferrah had just had her bath shortly before that picture was taken. She's always so fluffy b/c I use my hairdryer on her! :P
  6. My precious Zoe - may she rest in piece.


    My other kitty Lamont (we call him Mot Ball, I have no idea why LOL):


    Got this one right when he was yawning! He looks freaky!!!

  7. Meant to say "Peace" not "Piece"! I'm getting sleepy. And I accidentally pasted the same image twice, sheesh! Here's a closeup of lil' Zoe:

  8. She is so pretty! I am still thinking of you guys...everyday. Here is my baby Wesley. He is very spoiled and very opinionated:

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  9. ^^awww so cute! Ya the closeup of doe is hard for me to look at cuz u can see in her eyes she's sick :sad:
  10. Zoe not doe... Man I really need sleep!
  11. Zoe is sooo cute.

    Lindsey, Calvin looks exactly like my old cat Smokey!
  12. Awwweee K Zoe was beautiful! Lamont is cute too!
    You all have beautiful cats! When we first got Lizzie she was just a kitten. She was a "rescue" from a home that had way too many cats (over 12), but they had kittens that they were giving away and we took Lizzie. We soon discovered that she was really sick. She could hardly breathe through her nose it was so stuffed up! She would lay by my head at night and literally snore while she was sleeping! We took her to the vet and found out that she had a very bad upper respiratory infection. So with antibiotics and lovin' care we got her back to health. :heart:
  13. My cat is in my avatar, my most recent pics of my dogs are too big to upload :sad:
  14. Aww, what a cute thread. You all have adorable little fur babies. XD

    Here are my little angels....

    :heart: My Boston Terrier Wednesday (We call her "Winnie"):

    :heart: My fat cat Bert (he's lost weight since this picture LOL):
  15. ^^ They are both very photogenic! LOL