LAMBie CHAT cont.!!!

  1. My friend moved the litterbox to where his cat kept peeing on the floor, that worked for them. My parents however have a cat that as she's gotten older likes to pee on the little rug by the kitchen sink. She's being do that for about a year (my mom keeps buying new rugs) and nothing they have tried has worked.
  2. A couple years ago I adopted my dog after we found him running down a busy street, and no one claimed him from the shelter. He is the *sweetest* thing in the world, but we can't get him to stop peeing inside for the life of us. We've tried crate training, but when we leave the room he'll go in places where he knows we can't see it (We have a white / textured with cream floor in the kitchen, where he goes the most) -- on the corners of cabinets, under the table... right after we find him we give him a 'time-out' in his cage, but it doesn't seem to work. He knows he's been bad and cowers when we find it... he even walks to the cage on his own, because he knows that's where he's getting it sent. So I don't understand while he's still doing it! Any dog advice?

    Heathie --- I totally want to try that ring thing! i wonder if it will work on dogs...
  3. I can't imagine a dog would like it either. My dogs were doing the same thing, 2 of them in particular at our old house and nothing would stop them. I was scrubbing carpet every day. That is why I am thankful this house has a basement and they have their own room down there.
  4. Thanks for all the ideas. Heathie, if you find what those rings are please share. It's always the same spot. I tried a motion detector, but the noise wasn't loud enough to scare her. She just sniffed and walked away!
  5. Okay, I'm feeling better about my dog. I have one that will run to you, then the door, then back to you and bark, then back to the door until you open it.

    The other just squats and lets go. For the life of me we can't get her potty trained. She will pee and crap everywhere!!! I look at her and yell "can't you hold it or call me?" like if she's a child LOL!! I've been cleaning the carpet daily! Thank goodness it's in the den and not the living room/bedrooms.

    I'm up for suggestions as well. The motion thing didn't work. the scented drops and pads didn't work. ugh. I'm tempted to diaper her butt!
  6. What I did is pretty work intensive, but it does work if you are consistent: I would let my dogs out constantly in the beginning. Whenever they would "go" in the right place, I would IMMEDIATELY (as in right when it happened, so that they know what to associate the treat with) give a tasty doggie yogurt drop treat, and praise a whole bunch. After a while, they want to go out to use the potty, because they associate good feelings w/it.

    I'm also a big fan of Ceasar - watched all his shows on DVD... a lot of issues are dealt with on his show. The thing is that it takes consistency and effort, because you are not only changing the dog's patterns, but one's own patterns.
  7. barbieq...i wouldn't use the crate as a punishment, because their crates are like their sacred space, and it should only be a comfort to them. i think when you find the dog has gone in the house, say a loud no when you catch him in it, and then put him outside where you want him to go. hopefully with consistency you will find him catching on to going outside to go to the bathroom.

    if dogs are having these problems, my recommendation is gating off the kitchen and not letting them have the run of rooms with carpeting or all these hidden areas to pee and hide it. leave them in the kitchen with very frequent outside trips. heavily praise when they go outside. as you get less accidents in the kitchen, can start allowing them into other rooms when they are supervised.
  8. i have 3 dogs. my pit bull and one of my chi/min pin mixes wouldnt dream of going in the house...then there is the baby chi/min pin who wouldnt dream of going outside. luckily she doesnt do the carpet..just the rugs (and only 2 of them) so ive gotten a spray that deters her from going anywhere else (by natures miracle, these are the only brand that works for me) then i line the underneath of the rug with a black garbage bag. her pee is tiny but i dont want to risk it going to the carpet.

    she drives me nuts...but i love the girl.

    goodluck with the housetraining, it can be rough!
  9. I've officially crossed over to the crazy!!! :weird::wacko:

    I was at the Glendale Nords and saw a woman returning a LAMB bag. She had the Icon Stencil Rowland/Elmwood on the counter. I waited....and looked at other bags....waited...and I circled around again and finally asked "Sorry to be stalking you, but are you returning that bag?"

    She wasn't.

    So if this was a fellow lambie - HI!!! :lol:
  10. ^^That's funny!

    My Rasta Mandy is here except the mail guy didn't actually come knock on the door to see if I was home he just left the little notice in my box. Of course the PO won't have the package available for me to pick up until tomorrow!
  11. Ohhh, it makes me so crazy when that happens! Excited, but kinda nutty, cuz I just want to see it right away, lol! :smile:
  12. Lots of snow here!! We just took the kids out to play in the snow. Wyatt had a blast but Wade could barely walk in all of his gear! They were so cute!
  13. ^ Sounds like fun Heathie!!
  14. So is general chatter banned from the deals thread now? I've had some posts deleted...

    And I hope my bag is here today, according to the tracking it's arrived in Perth. lol