LAMBie CHAT cont.!!!

  1. Just a quick stop to wish everyone Happy Holidays! I hope they've been good for everyone so far and that the New Year is a blessed, joyous one for all of you too!!

    HUGS to all the Lambies!!:hugs:
  2. Happy Holidays Ladies and Gents! Been a while, but wanted to say hello!
  3. I'm dying for some new L.A.M.B., I can't wait for the new spirng/summer bags!!!!!
  4. Ugh !! Me too.
  5. The fall 2012 show has been confirmed! I can't wait to see what direction the bags will be taking this time around!!
  6. Hi! I wanted to reach out to L.A.M.B handbag lovers and ask how you take care of your handbags? I bought a Esquivel in lipstick saddle (I learned this on this forum so thanks already!!) years ago and loved the design but never used it because I felt that the canvas was really hard/rigid and the zippers weren't very smooth. I guess my question is whether there's a way to 'break it in'? Thanks for your help!
  7. First off, I'm new to the forum, so hello all :flowers:

    UBooboo, I have the same thoughts with the zippers -- sometimes they are kind of iffy, but if you hold the bag in its natural position/shape, they should zip open/close effortlessly. I don't really know how I break in my bags, other than just constantly using them, though!

    I have always wondered, though, when I bought my first LAMB bag ever, back in 2007-8 (silver esquivel), I noticed that the white stripe would crack with normal usage. One day, I was in victoria's secret and this gentleman complimented me on it, and said his wife had a bunch of LAMBS, and that she was told that whenever it showed signs of cracking or whatever, to bring it to Nordies, and that they'd get it fixed for free. I went, and they told me they'd never heard of this service before...sooo did the guy just make that up???
  8. Hi Bettie! I'm new to tPF too! Thanks for your comments. I'm afraid I don't know how to answer your question. I've never heard of handbag cleaning service at Nordstrom. Maybe it's location dependent?
  9. I remember, years ago, Nordstrom trying to "care" for the cracking, but I think the days of LAMB quality control are long over as they are not even with the same production company now :-/
  10. Mhm...well, I guess there goes that!
  11. New lamb on!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally
  12. Hi everyone-
    I am new here:smile: I joined a bit ago, but haven't yet posted.
    I am a Gwen fan to the max and a collector of bags and such, ahhh... like all of you.
    Anyway-there is no thread for intro's so just wanted to say hello and glad to be here.
  13. Welcome Aurora :welcome2:
  14. Hi everyone! I bought L.A.M.B. when the first collection came out 5 five years ago, was really into it for about two years, then got a little "bored" of the collection. I'm hoping that some of the new ones will WOW me. At the moment I search eBay for some of the oldest ones that I miss (and sold years ago).
  15. Help, looking for the blue Ceylon smyth.... Any other places to look besides eBay?