Lambertson Truex Sample Sale - NYC

  1. I went earlier today and picked up a nice suede and leather brown bag for $125. The tag inside said retail at Neiman Marcus was $1295. A lot of the stuff was priced closer to $500, which is still more than 50% off in most cases. Prices may drop as the sale progresses.

    TUESDAY, NOV. 28th through THURSDAY, NOV. 30th
    9:00am to 6:30pm Daily

    317 WEST 33rd STREET, NYC
    (Just west of 8th Avenue)

    No lines when I went around 2 pm EST.
  2. I went this morning when it opened and the prices were only about 40% off, but the items were current. Small clutches and things were more significantly on sale. VERY few shoes compared to last spring, and prices were again only 40% off or so (vs. 75-80% as in the past). Not worth it, I think. I purchased 3 pairs of shoes an a haircalf bag last spring, but walked away with nothing this morning. Most of the LT regulars also were disappointed.