Lambertson Truex handbags 70% off

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  1. Great deals! Wish I found something I liked...I've always wanted a LT bag.

    And sometimes the Mens' bags are not made in Italy, hence the lower prices and notation of "imported". I found that one when I once ordered one from NM.
  2. Wow, great finds! Too bad the ones I like either weren't on sale or sold out :sad:
  3. Thanks! I just bought the Gstaad quilted hobo in black! I really like it and it reminds me a bit of a chanel bag. I hope I like it in real life! What a great deal!
  4. I bought this bag during the Saks sale. It is a great bag. The leather is soft and smooshy.
  5. Yay!! It really is a gorgeous bag---I was soooooo tempted. The quilting gives it a luxe look.
  6. The Kelsey in Kenya looks lovely, have any of you seen it IRL?
  7. I was thinking the same thing! Good deal!
  8. I was in the boutique on Mad this past Saturday and the sale had started. They had a great selection of bags! I picked up the Pewter Croc Clutch in my avatar!
    LT bags are beautiful, classic and above all - practically designed! Grab one!
  9. Thank you!:tup:
  10. You're welcome! I haven't seen the sale bags IRL but whenever I see LT I'm impressed.
  11. I agree. I think "imported"=China and all the ladies bags that say Made in Italy well, they're made in Italy...
  12. Just FYI. I called Customer Service and was told by a gentleman that the sale items are final sale and cannot be returned.
  13. I was told by the customer service rep that I could exchange or get credit note if purse didn't suit. No refunds though.
  14. I read the return policy before I placed my order and it says nothing about exchange or credit only for clearance so that ticks me off! I don't expect to return anything but it would be nice if they would post a disclaimer just in case I had wanted to.