Lamb wears like a LION!

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  1. Ok, had my lambskin with SGH single flap Jumbo (a chewy piece of delight) for 4 marvelous years now; any questions you may have regarding lambskin's durability, for me it's been gratifying experience :kiss:

    Personally I think she looks as good as the day I bought her~

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  2. I agree.. It's a beautiful bag..
  3. Gorgeous! I love Classic!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
  4. Yep a 5000 dollar piece of plastic on an old lady :pokey: (NOT)~
  5. very nice! if I can bring back the time...

    anyone wants to swap with my caviar Ghw? hehehehe
  6. You look fabulous and your lambie looks super luxe! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: Did you treat the bag when you first bought it and do you spot clean or do anything at all periodically since then?
  7. I sprayed Vectra on it and the stuff truly protects your bags (a phenomenal water proofing substance that shows no marks).
  8. Thank you! This is great to know. I've never done anything to my Chanels (too chicken-afraid to ruin a good thing) and luckily, everything still looks great but I will have to check out Vectra for sure!
  9. You look fab and so does the bag!

    Lambskin is indeed more durable than most think!
  10. It is beautiful!! I bought my first Jumbo in Black Lamb SHW a month ago. I am so happy I went that route. I have not babied it all and have been carrying it quite a bit with two little ones. It looks gorgeous! Now, I want the jumbo black lamb GHW...grrrr!! Yours looks brand new!
  11. I'm so out of the loop? How difficult is it to get a black classic Chanel Jumbo in shiny gold hardware? The reissue was never available it seems in the above combo?
  12. What a beauty bag!
  13. Your bag looks brand new! And you wear it well. Thanks for posting this thread. A good reminder about how awesome lamb is....:biggrin:
  14. Stunning bag!!! Looks awesome on you :smile: